Swap / Sale / Wishlist

Here is a list of polishes that I received as a gift or bought and swatched and haven't gone back to use again.
All bottle conditions and prices are listed are listed.
Some have been sitting a while and may need some reviving. 
Polished have been swatched once unless otherwise noted.
If you don't like my price, PLEASE make an offer!
If you want to swap for something on my list, awesome! Or if you'd like to right out buy, that works too!

**This is only half of my sale stash so far. That is why you'll be seeing mostly pinks and reds. Once I start to clear these out, I slowly add darker colors as we move along so keep checking back!**

Shipping: International will be specific to your country.
US $3 for the first .50 there after
I can also do flat-rate boxes, starting at $5.50 (holds about 7-9 polishes).
More than 7 polishes will automatically get the $11 Medium Flat Rate box or large for $16.
Once you email me your list, I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Please send money via GIFT so neither of us gets charged the fees :-)

Top list is SWAPPING/SALE polishes.
Second lists is WISHLIST polishes.

 I have very limited access to any cool rare polishes.
So if you have something that is on my list, please email me at



 ^ Nail Bliss Pro French Wraps Plus Thin White - 1 nail tested - $15

^Dashing Diva French Wraps Plus in Dark Purple - 1 nail tested - $15

^ Estee Lauder mini pack - NEW - $20
(left to right) *Top Coat *Whisper *Frozen Fantasy *Rosa Rosa *Cardinal

^ $5 (L-R) OPI Suzi Says Da!, OPI Just A Little Rosti At This Time, Finger Paints Signed in Wine

^ $20 - OPI Music Hall Curtain Call

^ $5 (L-R)- OPI All A-Bordeaux the Sled!, OPI Kangarooby, OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry, Sally Hansen Salon Complete Downtown Rubies

^ $4 (L-R) - Creative Nail Design Lipstick 1/2 Full, Creative Nail Design Passionfruit Poppy 3/4 Full, Essie Forget Me Nots Swatched

^ $4 (L-R) - OPI Key West Conch, OPI Fair Dinkum Pinkum, Finger Paints Psychedelic Pop, Finger Paints In the Vault Violet

^ $5 (l-R) - Estee Lauder Bordeaux, Victoria's Secret I Won't Bite, Laura Mercier Daring, OPI Red

^ $30 - OPI La Boheme

^ $5 (L-R) - ORLY Soul Mate, ORLY Purple Crush, OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia, OPI Santiago Sangria

^ $2 (L-R) - SH Diamond Fuchsia Bling Bling, SH Diamond Luminous Tulips, SH Salon Made You Blush, SH Max Growth Sensual Red, Loreal Breaking Curfew

^ $5 (L-R) - Victoria's Secret Racy, Nicole Pink About It! 1/2 full, Victoria's Secret Explosive, OPI Royal Flush Blush, OPI Gold Rush Blush 3/4 full

^ $8 (L-R) - OPI Oh...To Be 25 Again, OPI Red Red Rhine, I've "Red" the Script

^$1 (L-R) -  Pro Magic, Pro Risk, Sinful Colors Cha Cha Red, Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Jane Hot Blooded, Nail Magic #20

^ $10 (L-R) - OPI A Man in Every Port-ugal, OPI Edin-Burgundy 1/2 full

^ $2 (L-R) - Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Framboise, Fearless Fuchsia, Tarte, Beautiful Berry x2 (1 new, 1 swatched)

^ $4 (L-R) - OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress, OPI Pink-ing Of You, SH Salon, Pat on the Black

^ $5 (L-R) - OPI Hearts & Tarts, Make Love, Berry Much In Love (lid stuck), Shiseido Pink Glow, MAC Duo-Pink

^ $1 (L-R) - SH Beyond Perfect Oriental Red, Red Awakening, Cassis Comfort, Infinite Iris

^ $1 (L-R) - Naturistics Hottie x2 (1 new, 1 swatched), SH No Chip Certainly Cherry, SH Salon, Back to the Fuchsia

^ $25 (L-R) - Vernis Rouge Satin Red 3/4 full, Boa 1/2 full, Lilac Sky swatched

^ $25 (L-R) - Vernis Ruby Slipper, Vernis Pulsar, OPI Not In Kansas Anymore...Red

^ $1 (L-R) - Capri Bold, Glitz 3/4 full, Stardom x2 3/4 full, Mystical 

^ $1 (L-R) - Vernis Fleur Fuchsia, Loreal Don't Wait Up, Sinful Colors Folly

^ $3 (L-R) - Borghese Plum, Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto, Borghese Signorina Blush, Avon Fuchsia, Avon Pink Glaze

^ $3 (L-R) - OPI Deer Valley Spice, OPI Got A Date To-Knight, OPI Suzi & the Lifeguard, OPI Got A Date To-Knight 3/4 full, Vernis Extreme 3/4 full

^ $10 (L-R) - Vernis Christian Dior - Iridescent Lilac, Indian Red, Palm Tree, Hibiscus

The online pricing on these seems to be amazingly outrageous so make me an offer and I'll see what I can do :-)
(L-R) Vernis Magnetic Precious Pink, Vernis Magnetic Groove, Vernis 112, Vernis Rouge Ombre', OPI South Beach Blush


**I'm always hunting for duo chrome, 3D or mattes also :-)**

*Avon Matte - Violetta

*Bettina - #187
*Bettina - Allure
*Bettina - Amethyst
*Bettina - Aqua 
*Bettina - Art Deco Purple 
*Bettina - Candy Grape
*Bettina - Chic
*Bettina - Flip Flops 
*Bettina - Glitter Jean
*Bettina - Green Apple
*Bettina - Haze
*Bettina - Indigo
*Bettina - Maroon
*Bettina - Metallic Garnet
*Bettina - Mojito
*Bettina - Ocean
*Bettina - Over-Dyed
*Bettina - Premium Wash
*Bettina - Sapphire
*Bettina - Secret 
*Bettina - Sunrise 
*Bettina - Trees
*Bettina - Vintage Jeans 

*Butter London - The Black Knight*China Glaze - Drastic

*BYS Down the Rabbit Hole

*China Glaze - IDK
*China Glaze - L8R G8R
*China Glaze - LOL
  *China Glaze - Matte Magic
*China Glaze - OMG

*Claire's - Green Matte

*Color Club - Artsy Crafty 
*Color Club - Cold Metal (Foiled Collection)
*Color Club - Nouveau Vintage
*Color Club - Rebel Spirit
*Color Club - Voodoo You Do

*Cult Nails - Awakening
*Cult Nails - Clairvoyant (aka Unicorn Puke)

*Essence - Into The Dark

*Glitter Gal - Blue Holo 3D (holo)

*Glitter Gal - Dark Purple 3D/Holographic
*Glitter Gal - Lizard Belly

*Glitter Gal - Marine Blue
*Glitter Gal - Red 3D/Holographic

*HITS - Mari Moon Polishes

*Kleancolor - Holo Chrome

*LA Girl Matte - Blue Twilight (matte)

  *Layla Magneffect - Gun Metal
*Layla Magneffect - Metallic Sky

*Lynnderella - Connect the Dots

*MAC - Blue India
*MAC - Blue Tips
*MAC - Military
  *MAC - Moody Blue (matte)
*MAC - Whirlwind

*ManGlaze - Fuck Off and Dye
*Man Glaze -Fuggen Ugly

*Nails Inc - Houses of Parliament (magnetic)

*Nails Inc - Trafalgar Square (magnetic)
*Nails Inc - Regents Palace (matte)

*Nail Pop - Kimono

*NOPI - Hard Kourth Fashionista
*NOPI - It's All about Glam
*NOPI - It's Not Me , It's Blue 
*NOPI - Khloe had a little Lam-Lam
*NOPI - My Empire My Rules
*NOPI - My Sleigh's in the Shop 
*NOPI - Too rich for You 

*Nfu Oh - 52
*Nfu Oh - 65
 *Nfu oh - 66

*Nubar - Contempo (matte)

*Nubar - Gems
*Nubar - Midnight (matte)

*OPI - DS Divine
 *OPI -  DS Original 
*OPI - Gone Gonzo!  
*OPI - Ink Suede (matte)
*OPI -  It`s MY Year
*OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark Suede (matte) 
*OPI - Mrs O'Leary's BBQ
*OPI - Russian Navy Suede (matte)

  *OPI -  Ski Teal We Drop

*Orly - Iron Butterfly (matte glitter)
*Orly - Purple Velvet(matte)

*Ozotic - # 507 
*Ozotic Pro - 513

*Ozotic - Elytra #530
*Ozotic Mish Mash - 532 

*Sephora - Sample Sale

*Sinful Colors - Happy Ending

*W7 - Purple Paradise

*Wet'nWild - Wild Orchid

*Zoya - Dovima
*Zoya - Harlow (matte)
*Zoya Julieanne
*Zoya - Pheobe (matte)
*Zoya - Posh (matte)
*Zoya - Savita (matte)
*Zoya - Veruschka
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