Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Petite Pink Mattified

Saw this manicure and had to try it.
BUT after I added the silver tape, the ends just didn't want to stay put. So my solution? Top coat it! Well that made them stick up even more! Ug! Frustration forced me to wipe that accent nail completely clean and just go for a silver striper brush :-) Problem solved!

I'm so swooning over the matte though. And I'm not really a pink kind gal!

ORLY Cotton Candy,
Hard Candy (heheh^^) Matte-ly in Love matte top coat,
Kiss nail art pen striper in silver

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Soccer Nails!

My totally awesome lil' 1st grader had his first soccer game of the season yesterday so to celebrate with him, I sported soccer nails. He thought they were so cool (even though I was looking at a soccer ball picture to make sure I got the pattern correct, it still wasn't right...only me!)

Yea yea so they don't keep score, but I did! They rocked the other team 3-1 :-)

So starting off with the main nails, I used French Tip Dip bright white base, then used the Kiss nail art paint black striper. Finished off with Wet N Wild black tips using my French Tip Dip tool.

Accent nail is a base of Sinful Colors Envy with Avon Sweet Mint sponged over it. Then I took Bundle Monster plate BM-209 and stamped with Wet N Wild white across the tip in a diagonal line to be the goal net. Kiss nail art paint striper in white was used across the open edge of it to act as the net bar. Acrylic paint was used for the soccer ball.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tips - Hello Kitty

Time for some cute Hello Kitty tips.
Please excuse the ugly orange stained nails but the Hello Kitty is totally cute.

Tips done with French Tip Dip tool and their Bright White.
Kiss nail art paint striper in silver across the base of the tip.
Acrylic for the rest.

 Please excuse the dorky hand form. 
I somehow managed to smudge darn near every tip while drying so many repairs had to be done, including the horrible smudge on the silver stripe on my pointer finger. I re-striped over the smudge so that stripe is mucht thicker. Figured I try and picture it at an angle so you cant tell :-p

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Polka Dots - Pale Blue

Another night of spending a good 20 minutes surfing through my nail photos to decide what I should do on my nails. I landed with polka dots (i seem to have the most ideas with these and french tips).

I used ORLYSnowcone as the base color, then large dotted with French Tip Dip white, then small dotted with Wet N Wild Black
My accent nail is the W&W black base, then I French Tip Dipped Snowcone on, then small dotted in the same W&W black. From there I added Kiss nail art paint in silver as a stripe across the bottom edge of the blue tip. Then added a cute fimo flower (I've had my eye on this flower since I got it and hadn't come across a manicure I could add it to. Until now!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips - Pinkle Sparkle (not quite glitter)

Because I already had a Pinkle Glitter manicure, I didn't know what to name this one so I went with Pinkle Sparkle. More sparkly than glittery. Inspired by Chloe (still one of my favorite manicurists).
I didn't have a shade quite as awesome as hers (odd being that I could walk up to the store and grab that SH now) but I figured with how many polishes I already have, just use one close (as I LOVED her color combo).

So I went with Color Club OH MY GOSH ITS NAMELESS!
(yup, so nameless. If you  know the name, please let me know!)
Then added OPI Sparkl-icious (see, the title even says sparkle)
Then went with a tip of the same nameless Color Club with my French Tip Dip.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revlon Royal

After being awed by another swatch from Let Them Have Polish, I had to have it.
It looked like the most amazing gradient manicure I had seen then after close looking, I realized it wasn't a gradient but the way the polish lays on the nail! Her tips showed a different shade than the nail bed and it just looked awesome. So I popped Royal on my WL with the intentions of buying it next time at Rite Aid.

Well, I picked this beauty up last night (the last one too!)
Seems everyone saw one post and went crazy over it :-)

I'm a tad bummed that mine didn't come out as awesome as hers but the photos show a little shade difference that I can't really see in person (which that is usually opposite).

Application was ok. First coats always suck for me (I think because of my basecoat). But a second application and it covered nicely. The gel-like formula has a gorgeous color to it. Yet it dries with a matte-like finish. Now I'm a huge fan of matte but this finish just looked a tad silly. One coat of SV fixes that right up.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Layering - Sparkles, Flakies and Holo

Tried some layering instead of actual art this round. 
Loving the way the combo came out.
Using OPI Light My Saphire, ORLY Twilight, Finger Paints Asylum and China Glaze Holo Top coat

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Avon Springtime Tips

Well after I saw the new Avon Spring colors I had to buy them.
I opted out of the pink as I have lots of pinks already and don't wear those often.
(Right, like I dont have enough of every color!)

So after applying them, I decided that darker tips on them would look cool.
So I sifted through my stash and pick some darker shades and this is what we have.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart Tugger - RIP Susan, Braden and Charlie Cox Powell

So I'm sure many of you have heard the new story the past few weeks (if not the past few years) of Susan Cox Powell. She went missing from her Utah home in December of 2009. Her husband was suspected in her disappearance but was never charged. ONE MONTH after she disappeared, he moved with their 2 young children to WA. The whole story has been fishy. 3 years later, Susan's body has still not been found but she is believed to be dead. 

Sadly, one week ago Sunday, this horrible father did the unspeakable. He had lost custody of his children to Susan's parents. He was also required to undergo a Phyco-sexual evaluation yet was granted visitations rights with the children. An older case worker was dropping the kids off to see their father Sunday when Josh, the father grabbed them and slammed the door in the case workers face. She immediately called 9-1-1 where the dispatcher didn't realize how bad the situation was. Caseworker tells him she hears crying and can smell gas. Minutes later, the house explodes with Josh and the two innocent young children inside.

News later tells us that Josh attacked the children with a hatchet before the house exploded. Josh and the two boys died in that fire. Along with the boys deaths, Josh also took the truth behind Susan's death with him to hell. 

This is such a tragic story that I can't begin to even imagine what the grandparents are going through. First, to have their daughter missing for 3 years, assuming her dead then to have her children murdered just last week. The explosion happened just a mile from my home and I went to high school with Susan. This story has toughed my heart so heart that I still cry over it. 

We attended a community bake sale for Susan's parents a few nights ago. They wanted to help raise money for the funeral to support Susan's parents during this horrible time. The local fire department that responded to the explosion held it at their facility. In only 3 hours this fundraiser raised over $15 thousand dollars and even sold out an hour early! What a blessing for this family during such a tragedy.

So I ask that you hug and kiss your children right now. And remember that no mater what, its not that bad. Always cherish every moment you have because you never know when it might be your last.

So in respects to Susan (may her body be found so the parents can finally have total closure) and her two boys 5 & 7 yrs, Charlie and Braden (may their sweet souls rest in peace in heaven with God and in their Mothers arms where they belong) I have done a nail manicure.

Ribbons in purple, Susan's favorite color. (Purple ribbons also line street lamps and trees and fences all over this community right now)
Then an accent nail of roses for her.
*May you and your sweet boys rest in peace *

Valentine's Scrabble

Saw this on Pinterest and just had to try.
After deciding that I had to jazz it up then failing at every attempt to make my background color look like wood grain, I ended up again with just the plain simple background. My freehand it poor but I can still tell they're scrabble letters :-)
It was fun anyway!

Cherry Hearts

Wow delay in posting again! Here come a few more :-)
First up is cherry hearts. I did a bright red base the sponged some dark vamp red on the tips and focused a tiny tiny bit more on the very tip for a little more accent. Loved the way it turned out. Then hand painted acrylic cherry hearts! And can't forget the accent nail with the same red base then some black Avon crackle over the top.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pink Heart Tips

Yay for more tips! And hearts!
My only wish here was wanting longer nails for this one. 
Longer tips would mean more hearts and you can't ever have too many hearts :-)

I love how the pink has the perfect glitter to it. All black hearts are hand painted with black acrylic.
Accent hearts are from a random nail art wheel from ebay.

Flamed Hearts

These started out super cute with the gorgeous deep blue background, then a lighter blue acrylic paint. Then I added a darker shade as well as another lighter blue and those kind of messed the look up. The still look semi nice but not what I imagined.

My accent nail also has the deep blue base color. Then I added some aqua blue ice chips. This is my first try with these and I must say that I am not terribly impressed. Maybe I didn't do it correctly but they are stiff and didn't conform to my nail so I had a lot of jagged edges that I kept picking at throughout the day. I also added a fimo heart to each.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Triangle Heart Tips

It's been a while since I did a manicure off the top of my head without any inspiration so I decided upon it a few nights ago. This is my result. Not too shabby!

I'm loving all the sparkle but in natural light they were almost too busy. I should have opted out of the base KleanColor glitter. And I was a little worried about how the tips would look with my nails being all stubby now but it worked out well. All in all, I liked them!

I did these Friday night but Sunday night, I re-did them so I have a fresh heart manicure to show you tonight. Maybe even today if I get around to it :-)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Zebra or Tiger?

Wow! It feels like it's been forever since I've posted! 
First off, have you entered my  giveaway yet? If not, I can't run the contest!  Check it out here.

Now, I promise I've had my nails painted since my last post. I just wasn't impressed with them so felt it best to skip posting the horrible results :-)

So after riffling through my massive folder of heart manicures to try, I ended up with this one by Love4Nails (I just LOVE her work, her voice and her nails even more!). I was also going to spin it by making the heart purple but decided to stick with pink. While pondering if my pink heart was the best way to go, I ended up placing the heart stripes the same direction as the base stripes! So in basics, I could have just drawn the heart on first then added stripes all in all getting this same result. WHOOPS!

BLURRY left hand but I had to shoot it to show how much better this heart looks, even the stripes. I usually paint my right hand first so that I can have practice for my picture hand. Yet I think I concentrate hard enough that it always comes out looking better than my left done with my dominant hand....peculiar!

I am really loving the stripes and must try them again!
Although it could be a Zebra pattern or even a Bengal Tiger, yea?
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