Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Robin Moses Inspired

I just love me some Robin Moses nail art.
I came across this one on Pinterest (yep, again) and had to try it.
Mine didn't come out as awesome as hers but I generally like it.

Skull stamped with Bundle Monster plate and W&W Black. Tips are also W&W Black. Silver art polish accent. Sinful Colors pink.

Tips - Pink Stripped

Inspired by a Pinterest nail art manicure I saw, I decided to try it.
It turned out just ok.Nothing like what I expected.
But again, what ever does?
The rhinestones drove me insane all day at work and even took a pretty hard beating.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty!

I was feeling frisky (hehehe) so I went with actual tiger tips tonight. 
I've done multiple stripes like these but never over orange.
Plus I added a cute paw print. The best part was posing the nail art with my kitty.
It's late, I'm a tad tired. I get giggly when this happens.

"Ok Slater," (this is my mow mows)*giggles* "Now sit still. No seriously, sit still."
*cat pulls away due to high nail fumes*
"SLATER! Sit still so I can take a picture with you. CAT! Sit the BLEEP still darn it!"
"Thanks a lot Slater, these pictures suck!"

Ok so after some giggles and many blurred pictures, I got a few good ones...

Tips - Elegant Black & Pink

I was feeling some black tips, which have been a while since I've done.
Yet again, the best tips with only my French Tip Dip and simple Wet N Wild black and Color Club metallic pink.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yep thats right! I am so excited, I have to start spreading the word here too.
As you may know, I am a Scentsy Consultant and LOVE the product.
Well the totally awesome Scentsy has come up with the perfect sister company, Velata.
The most simple chocolate fondue system ever! Top it off with genuine Belgian chocolate.
 Just look how cute these warmers are!


And these are just a few of the colors. There's sure to be one to match your decor!
The great plus about these...only a 2 piece system. The base and the dish (which is silicon, microwave and dishwasher safe!) Also NO FLAME! No burnt chocolate! All backed by a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about this awesome new company created by the wonderful Scentsy Family brand, check it out here:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mariners Baseball Nails

In celebration of our families first Mariners baseball game at the stadium, I went with home team colors. 
Navy blue, teal and of course, baseballs!
Navy blue and teal nails were gradient sponged.

Go Mariners!

Please ignore the chipped polish and cut on my pinky. This is sadly what a day at work did to my hard work :-( But I had to show off my new camera as well as the ball field in the background!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tips - Minnie Mouse

I've rocked these tips the past 3 days with no chipping, yay! Always love it when that happens. A mocha gal even said, "They remind me of Minnie Mouse!" Uh yea! That's what they are! 

Although the shape of my nails are changing so my smile lines aren't as perfect as I'd like them to be.
Used my French Tip Dip, OPI Red and Wet N Wilds black and white.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Layering - Fantasy Fire + Mood Polish

First off, have you gotten a chance to help my fundraiser, Puyallup Food Bank Peanut Butter Drive?
You purchase some Scentsy from my site and my profits go toward purchasing MUCH NEEDED peanut butter for my local food bank. Please help out, even if its just a simple car freshener! But we also have new laundry and body products too! Also, please please pass this info along. But it only works if ordered directly from my website under the party PUYALLUP FOOD BANK PEANUT BUTTER DRIVE.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Now onto the manicure. I went with my Claire's color changing dark blue to light blue then layered Fantasy Fire over the top. Holy moly FF just never disappoints! And the color changing polish just add another level of awesomeness to this! 

Pic heavy as I tried to get different angles and lighting to show the full effect.

Tips - Neon Glitter

Inspired by a manicure I saw on Pinterest. Although that one was acrylic so it looked perfect.
Mine came out too thick because of all the layers of glitter I applied to try and get the same affect. Needless to say, I only wore this manicure half a day because the thickness bugged me so bad. But It was a cute idea at least.

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