Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GOT BEHIND! Tons of photos

Yep, I've been MIA the past few weeks. Still doing my nails, just not much time to blog them. Yay for starting training to take over my dads business in a year!

Anywho, I've since forgotten which colors I've used but here we goooooo.......

Fun tips! For my accent nail, I dipped a thin brush in white and flicked it back and forth to get this affect. Got so many compliments on this manicure.

I seriously hate the way my camera won't catch some true colors. 
This is BRIGHT PURPLE and light blue...yet they both look blue. 
So much prettier in person than on these pics, I promise!
Again, tons of compliments.
(I think people are caught off guard by a female in this field when is usually only guys so they're paying more attention, lol)

A random holo red tip mani. Wasn't too fond of this one. Just didn't "pop" enough for my taste...

Fantasy Fire over Wet N Wild Buffy The Violet Slayer

And last but not least, Super Mario Life Mushroom nails!
(and couldn't forget those cool yellow starts that make you fast and knock everything away!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review - Fantasy Fire (SUPER Pic Heavy!)

Thanks to a SUPER gal, Claire in the UK, I was able to snag a bottle (and I'm getting a second sent for my friend!). She took time out of her busy schedule to ship these out. Thanks again, Claire!

Anywho, here is the gorgeous Max Factor Fantasy Fire (Unicorn Pee dupe).
The bottle was way tiny, which I wasn't expecting but for as tiny as it is, it is oddly easy to hold the brush to paint. No problems there! My problem is LOVING it so much that I'll run out fast :-s

I have a few more colors I'd like to layer it over but here it is layered over Revlon Fashionista...

...Prepare for an eyegasm!.....

First the bottle shot! Phew is that friggen HOT or what! *drools*

Now the pics...Heavy pics...different lighting and angles...

Wow...I bet you need a cigarette after that, huh!
So now that you've totally fallen in love, just sit back and enjoy the pics because getting your hands on this lil beauty of a bottle is super hard.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tips - Orange Hello Kitty

I'm feeling the summer fever! At request, I did another Hello Kitty manicure.
Similar to my last but better, I think.
My kitty is sporting orange today!

Thanks to my French Tip Dip, I have an awesome kitty and tips!
Plus, fimo bows this time (instead of acrylic paint).

Taped - Wavy Tips

Decided to try another taped manicure because the last one was so fun.
I grabbed my craft scissors with the wiggly edges and went to town.
Holo base, Lime green tip with a sparkle tip over that.
Went with more greens of course because of the holiday coming up!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tips - Black & Whote Polka Dot / TipFrench Tip Dip Wars!

The best tool ever is having a dipping war!

Here is what I went for...

All Wet N' Wild colors (black and white)
Oh, and if you're near a Rite Aid, check them out...might be on clearance. I got mine for $0.69 each!
I use these two colors so often and they are the best IMO so I stocked up and bought all they had :-)

And just for giggles, just the white tips (not, the white stripe on the black tips isn't with the tool - that was clearly freehand by a wobbly hand) ICKY stained nails! EWWWW!

Oh right, I also stamped the flutterby and pinned a rhinestone.
I feel like Im repeating everything! 
You all have seen all these techniques so do I really need  to explain it all?
Naw! Just ask if I don't say something you want to know :-p

Tips - St. Pattys Day

So delayed on posting but after 28 years, I finally caught the flu.
Holy cow that was awful! Luckily it lasted on a day but I felt like I was 90 years old, got ran over by a truck then worked out at the gym for 24 hours straight. Sore sore sore! 

Anywho, I decided on green tips (duh, what better way to celebrate the holiday?)

Sinful Colors (I put the bottle away so I forgot the name) applied with French Tip Dip
China Glaze (again, forgot the name) applied to tips with sponge.
Stamped rainbow and used acrylic to paint in the colors. 
Sinful Colors glittery gold (again, forgot - HEY! I WAS SICK! GIMME A BREAK!)

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