Monday, April 23, 2012

Tips - Classic White plus more

Was feeling another classic white-tipped mani.
But with a twist!
Inspired by this manicure...
I think these turned out super cute.
I did trim my nails down short so it would look cleaner, too.

Tips done using the French Tip Dip and Bright White polish.
Pink dots done using a dotting tool and Love & Beauty Fuchsia.
Stripes made with Kiss nail art paint in black and silver.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sky Blue Floral

A tad simpler for the day.
China Glaze Caribbean Blue (holy lord, have I mentioned how gorgeous this color is all on its own? And just amazing coverage too!)
Then Finger Paints Flecked.
Kiss nail art paint in black and silver and some black round rhinestones to complete.


Taped - Triangle Bows

This came out extremely icky but I loved the colors.
For some reason, I was just having major tape issues this round.
Oh well!

Purple is a Petites and Pink is a Color Club metallic.
Wish I could remember but the polish is lost back in my Helmer :-p

Tips - Teal

Time for some teal tips!
French Tip Dip Sheer Genius then ORLY Twilight.
Avon Aqua Fantasy with a lil pink flower embellishment.
Tips done using French Tip Dip.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tiger Striped Pink Tips

Another fun french tip manicure.
I decided I loved y last tips with crazy color combos so I went crazy color with these too!

But first, the base in Avon something blue with hand painted stripes in black

Then the awesome tips added with the French Tip Dip

Magnetic, stamped and Tipped!

Yep, I did it all!
My first magnetic polish that I picked up at RiteAid. 
Wasn't terribly impressed with the way the magnets worked but it still turned out decent.
Then I stamped over it and French Tip Dipped over that!

Before stamping...

with stamping...
thats a Bundle Monster plate and China Glaze Millenium

And the best part of the manicure...
the tips!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tips - Funky Cheetah

Like everyone else, I've been yet again, inspired by Pinterest! If you haven't followed me, please do so with the Pin box to the right ----->

But when I came across this mani, I fell in love. The colors are so unique together. So I had to try it! I think its the most complimented-on manicure I've had so far!

The orange is some non-named bright orange by Color Club done with my awesome French Tip Dip.
Blue is ORLY Snowcone (totally diggin' this color)
Then a small art brush with W & W black for the cheetah marks.

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