Saturday, January 22, 2011

Helmer Time!

I guess its time to do a photo shoot of my current stash.
Ive been adding to my polish collection for under a year now so its not too bad.
But I am running out of room.
As from another blog and a friend, I got the idea to use an Ikea Helmer to store my polishes.
I also added some small boxes from Ikea to keep colors seperate.
I do seperate by color and not brand.
So here we go!

My first drawer has my Konad plates, blacks, slivers, greys, whites, sparklies and top and base coats.

Second drawer is like a horse shoe, lol.
From left is my purples, bottom is pinks and right is reds/orange/yellows.
As you can see, I even have some stashed on the side of the organizer.
Ive become very attracted to purples for some reason, and Ive never been a purple person...

Third drawer does a horse shoe again.
Left is blues, bottom is blues/teals.
Right is greens.

Fourth drawer is mt fake nails, silk wraps, French Tip Dip Kit and extra pots for FTD colors.
Next drawer is just polish removers and cotton balls.
Last drawer is just my straightening iron and hair dryer, not polish related at all.

I havent counted how many I have because Im worried Ill want to make it a certain number and continue to add.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling Spontaneous

Im late in getting the post up BUT I must say that Im impressed with how long this mani lasted! I did it Friday night and I just replaced it tonight, Tuesday night! It had only minimal tip chippage!
So I introduce to you, the longest wear Ive had yet.
China Glaze Spontaneous 2 coats with 1 coat CG Holographic Wireless TC!
 A very pretty dark pastel purple. It applied great!
No Holo TC yet, with flash

No Holo TC without Flash

Holo TC and flash

Holo TC and no flash

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Glee Refinished with FTD!

After 3 days of wear on Jesse's Girl Glee, I finally started to get some tip chippage going on.
The rest of the mani still looked amazing though so I whipped out my super awesome French Tip Dip
and refinished my Glee mani with W&W Black tips!
Now I have a whole new mani!
Damn, its hot!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Glee Time!

Ok all you Glee freaks! Here is a loud polish for you!
I did just see that there is a specific Glee collection coming soon.
This polish isn't related to that collection.
Its by Jesse's Girl called Glee.
A gorgeous blue/green/teal sparkle combo!
My first thought; mermaids!
It applied nicely with 2 coats and Im on day 3 with only minor tip chipping!


Natural bulb with flash

Natural bulb without flash

Regular bulb without flash

Regular bulb with flash

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holo French Tips

My last post was all about reviewing the awesome French Tip Dip kit. Well i wont disappoint with this new FTD color combo! Its my favorite yet! My love for holos and my love for tips, this couldnt get any better!

 I present to you Color Clubs Revvoloution base coat. Tipping it off with Petites Rock N Red and a lil Sally Complete Mani Downtown Rubies!

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