Saturday, March 14, 2020

Navy Aberdeen Dipped In Rose Gold

Another Pinterest inspired color combo. I buy my sets based on them and what I intend to create, such as my last mani posted, Bloody Rome.

This one was a challenge as I've discovered that the solids, like liquid polish, aren't not very forgiving. They show every tiny crease. I'm still learning to tear properly too. I tend to tear too short because I'm using my left hand and twisting my right to get to the far side of the nail. By doing this, I'm lifting the strip off my nail so when I tear it, it ends up slightly shorter than the end of my nail. Lessons learned and I will try better next time!

That aside, the color combo 😍. Darker colors look better on my fat fingers. I love the navy blue. For this I used US Navy (being retired) and Aberdeen Aubergine with Coming Up ROSE Gold glitter dipped overlay. The rode gold is my favorite dip color so far. It sparkles so amazingly, just like a rose gold ring! 

While US Navy isn't available any longer, there are plenty of other dark color choices. Check them out on my site and don't forget that it's Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!  

This link takes you right to my open party. 

And join my VIP page for chances to win great prizes!! 

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