Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sugar Plum Presents

Bought this Color Club Sugar Plum Yum a while back and have been needing to use it. 
I'm kinda impressed with the scent. Even with a thick top coat, I can still smell the fruitiness of it!
Chunky as all get out though.
I also added a present accent nail. The purple base seemed to bleed into the silver ribbon though so it looks like purple silver :-s 
Darn manicures never come out the way I intended! Still eye candy though!

Check her out!

The products
*2 coats Sinful Colors What's Your Name
*1 coat Color Club Sugar Plum Yum
*Accent nail, 2 coats W&W Fast Dry Buffy the Violet Slayer + 
W&W SaGreena the Teenage Witch + 
Kiss Nail art paint in silver + 
Bundle Monster purple rhinestone all for bow
Before the art and glitter

More pics


  1. Ooh that's lovely. I've given you an award on my blog :-)

  2. This whole manicure is so gorgeous!! I love how you added that lovely accent nail. ^-^

  3. oooh that is so pretty! i love all the colors, especially the dark purple, very nice :)

  4. i have sugarplum!! it smells soooo good!!!

  5. It DOES smell good. Even hours later with 2 heavy top coats. I keep smelling my nails but I bet I look odd doing it lol

  6. I love this! As if the flakies aren't great enough! Your accent nail just turned out beautiful!

  7. So pretty. Turned out really nice. Love your accent nail as well.


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