Sunday, December 11, 2011

Red Nose Reindeer - Tutorial

Yep, that's Rudolph! 
Tonight's manicure shows off just that. Was pretty fun.
My inspiration came from Simply Rins.
This is also my first tutorial.
It's picture tutorials because I have no clue how to video edit. So without further delay...

The final result:

The products I used:
*Base coat - Color Club Nomadic in Nude
*Head - Color Club Earthy Angel
*Eyes & Nose - Wet N Wild white, Kiss art paint in black
*Antlers - OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys
*Cheeks - Avon Pink Power
*Rudolph antlers - OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys + Princess Collection #2043
*Rudolph nose - Color Club Art of Seduction + Bundle Monster red rhinestones

Here we go with the tutorial!

-Apply base coat (I use Rimmel London Base Coat/Top Coat Pro)
-Add color base (I used CC Nomadic in Nude)

Paint a half moon shape for head (I used CC Earthy Angel).

Add ears using a small paint brush...

Next I added antlers using OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys using that same small paint brush.

Then their cute button noses (I used SH nail art paint in black).
After that dried, I applied Princess Collection #2043 to Rudolph's antlers. 
It's a gorgeous gold, red and green glitter.

Don't forget Rudolph. I applied CC Art Of Seduction first then the rhinestone.

Now its time for some eyes...
I used a small end of a dotting tool to make these a little oval.
While you've got the white out, add a SMALL dot on the edge of the black 
noses to give the illusion of depth and shine.

Using a dotting tool and a light pink, add cheeks.
Then add small black dots to the white part of the eyes for pupils.
Add your top coat and you're done!

More pictures:

Here is a good shot of his sparkly antlers. Cuz he's just cooler than the rest...


  1. So gorgeous, I love that you remembered rudolph & his extra shine!

  2. Wow this is sooooo cute! I passed you the Nail Polish to you!!

  3. I love this.. SO cute!

    Also stopping by to let you know I tagged you in one of my posts.. Please click here to view

  4. so cuteeeee!!!! i love the colors too!


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