Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 30 - Inspired By A Tutorial

Out of all the tutorials I've seen, I'd say Robin Moses stands out most. I've wanted to do corset nails for a while and just loved her tutorial. And I always tend to poke fun at really super long nails, calling them "hooker" nails (sorry if I offend anyone!). So this could be my hooker nails :-)
So here is my design inspired by her tutorial.

The final product:

The products I used:
*1 coats Petites Island Smoothie
*Wet N Wild Black Cream
*Accent nail is also W&W Black Cream with Kleancolors Chunky Holo Purple and Sally Hansen DS Diamonds and a Playboy Bunny fimo from Bundle Monster
*Corset grommets are Avon Gunmetal
*Corset strings and fluff are acrylic paint in Portrait Pink

More pictures:

My Inspiration:

 Find the tutorial by Robin Moses here


  1. These are so cute! I love the playboy bunny!

  2. I like the corset nails. And Lol @hooker nails.

  3. Thanks ladies. Yea, I love making fun of my friend and her always red hooker nails. Or hooker heels. Cracks me up :-p


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