Monday, December 19, 2011

Holly Tips

Came across a gorgeous manicure picture, but of course, I've since forgotten where I saw it.
Decided to give it a try. Granted my Holly leaves came out looking nothing like the real thing, the berries have saved the look so you can actually get the idea of what I was trying to accomplish lol. Still came out pretty. Very feminine to me.

The products I used
*1 coat ORLY Twilight
*1 coat Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White tips
*Sinful Colors Envy + Color Club Object of Envy for Holly leaves
*Off brand red round rhinestones for berries

More pretties


  1. Oohh so perfect nail arts !! i love it . i am following you now i wish follow me :) kisses :)

  2. Wow these are so cute! I wish I had long enough nails to do french tips.

  3. @lisa, you don't need long nails! Even short nails can have tips! They also have the glue on french tips, which are super cute and easy to do.
    And thank you so much everyone!

  4. Love this, it us so elegant yet festive! And I have to say it again, i LOVE the piercing, so jealous

  5. Lol thanks LM. But seriously, ebay! Even if you try the glue on nails, you can use it!

  6. Really pretty.. and Oh wee.. the ring on your ring finger.. I am not strong enough to attempt it, but it looks great on you.


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