Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holo Glitter Purple Batman!

So I've heard all this talk about Forever 21 and how awesome their polish is. Silly secluded me was thinking it was no where near me. Come to find out, the mall 30 minutes away has the store! Disappointed to say they lack desperately in the in-stock polish. I did manage to score about 7 polished for under $20 though. Including this super awesome purple which they have sadly named Dark Purple. Really? A color this awesome and you give it a blah name like that?! Sheesh. I shall call you Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman Purple! :-p And you will be mine.

So without further delay, I give you Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman Purple (aka Dark Purple *yawn*)

The products I used:
*2 coats Love & Beauty Dark Purple *yawn again* (aka Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman Purple)
*Wet N' Wild white for accent nail
*Wet N' Wild black for sponged tips
*Wet N' Wild clear with flex holo on accent and tips
*Bundle Monster purple rhinestones
*Off brand purple rhinestones

Before the sponging:
 Almost looks blue, but I promise, its purple purple purple :-)
 Wowzer, how awesome is this color! And the camera isn't even picking up the best of it!
 Yay! sideways pic! NOT *kicks stupid camera phone*

(this is the WW flex holo I made, over white)

More droolific pictures *grabs tissue*
 I love how the light catches the glitter on both the holo tips and the purple!

 Damn sideways pic almost ruined my happy dance mood >.<

 *more dooling*
*wipes mouth*

 *almost faints but recovers so I can continue drooling*

And this polish was only $2.80! Talk about a good deal!


  1. You can buy their polish online as well. Nicely done btw.

  2. Yes, MK, but I try to avoid shipping if I can :-)

  3. I really love this colour. Its a really nice design :D
    I always enjoy reading your blog so I have nominated you for the Top Ten Blog award :)
    Check it out...


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