Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights

Inspired by multiple manicures, I added a few twists to mine. Tedious work but so darn cute!
With skipping outdoor lights this year, this has helped ease that craving.
Mini lights on my nails!
EDIT: I finally found the blog of my inspiration! Yay!
Ashley is PolishAddicted
The red and green glitter tips with painted lights came from another gal but that picture doesn't have a tag on it :-( Darn me for not remembering! If it's your idea and you read this, please let me know so I can link you!

Check 'dis good stuff out!

The products responsible:
*Princess Collection #2043 base glitter
*Avon Wicked tips with Color Club Art of Seduction over it
*China Glaze Gussied Up Green tips with Color Club Object of Envy over it
*Kiss nail art paint in black
*Random brand multi-colored tear drop rhinestones

Princess Collection base glitter

Base color tips

Glitter added to tips

Light string added

More views of this awesome manicure
with lights added


  1. Thank you step by step pictures are helpful and really like the look of this design.

  2. These are the most original christmas lights I've seen all year! I'm totally digging them, your so great!

  3. These are so awesome!! I love the idea of using those rhinestones for the bulbs!!! :D

  4. These are great! Love love how you use the stones for the lights! This is too pretty!

  5. Very pretty, the rhinestones for the bulbs is such a great idea.

  6. I love that you used rhinestones!


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