Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Animals - Piggy In Pink

Day 2 in my animal week of manicures. I did pigs! All my light pinks were so translucent that the two shades I chose were so close its hard to see the detail.

My inspiration came again, from Simply Rins.
She has some amazing art work!

I was given a HUGE tub of about 75 polishes from my aunt on Christmas Eve, mostly OPI. I've found some pretty gorgeous ones. Tonight's brown came from the collection.

Went for 2 accent nails tonight, stray from my usual

Hand dotted white dots

I used:
*OPI Shim-Merry Chic 
*Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl
*Pure Ice Peony
*W&W Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
(thanks for the mistake pointing Liz :-p)
*Kiss nail art paint in black
*Off brand yellow fimo bow


  1. OMG! 75 POLISHES!?!?!

    Hook me up with your aunt. Lol.. That's awesome!!!

    Now back to the nails... Such a pretty design!

    I Love how you used SC beautiful girl, She's pretty sheer, and I haven't used mine in a long time, but for art, layered over a dark color, looks great!

    Oh and your white, You meant Sally Hensen (the picture), not WnW. lol... (forgive me for noticing these little things).

    Gorgeous mani+art work once again.
    I'm enjoying your animal week so far.

  2. I lov this animal week!! m gonna try some

  3. Wow, what a wonderful present!!! These nails are so well done!! :D

  4. Your piggies are so cute!! And I love the pink and white dotting!

  5. Lol thanks for noticing that it was SH not WW Liz! I usually use my WW white for everything so total habbit! But it tells me you're actually reading it all! Thank you!!

    And yea, LOTS of polish from auntie. She gets shellack professionally done now so when she saw that I was doing all this nail art, she passed it on down. Beautiful Girl must be pretty old then cuz mine was thick (got it from auntie). I even had to add thinner to it and it was still thick. It was goo though because almost all my other light pinks were so sheer, I was almost ready to go for acrylic.

  6. I love your pigs! and a bow! these are too cute!

  7. Oh Wow, I guess I should let mine get old then I can actually enjoy it. It's currently so very sheer. (The Beautiful Girl that is).

    Lol @ My noticing it. I do read everything, cos you might have some tips I could use you know. I love learning. :-)

    P.S: Speaking of acrylics I finally got some, and I'm expecting them soon. I got the regular acrylic paints though.. Hope it works.

  8. Oh yay for acrylics! Mine are just the normal simple ones too. Youll enjoy them as it will give you more range in art


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