Monday, December 26, 2011

Animals - Not Your Average Bear

Now that Christmas is over, I can get back to random manicures. I've decided to try my own challenges, starting this week off with Animals.

So today's manicure is bears. Not the typical average Teddy bear as these guys don't look too much into snuggling but are still awesome.
Found the inspiration at Let's Polish Some Nails

The products
*2 coats Color Club Nomadic in Nude base
*OPI La Boheme for bear
*Color Club Earthy Angel for nose
*W&W White for eyes and ears


  1. Oh So pretty. I would cuddle them. lol... except that would be creepy cos I'd be cuddling your fingers. haha!

    Lovely work again Stacy.

  2. Lol thanks Kizzy! That made me giggle hard. Snuggling my fingers would be just as bad as last week when I went around sniffing my fingers cuz my nails were nummy smelling from sugarplum yum!

  3. Ug, * Lizzy. Darn nails are too long for typing now!

  4. Wow, first time someone is inspired by my manicure, I am so happy :)
    The bears look great :)

  5. What! Your manicures are gorgeous! And these little guys were just too cute to resists trying. Mine are nowhere near as awesome as yours came out though ;-)

  6. These are soooo cute! Love the paw print!


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