Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dangler Time + Tutorial

I finally broke down and bought a wheel of simple nail danglers which came with a free tool.
The wheel came with 12 different slots of colors. About 10 rings in each slot. So 120 danglers total.

Please excuse the few blurry pics. My camera didn't want to pick them up even on marco :-s

 This is the tool. Twist off the end (this one was Righty Loosey, not lefty loosey, go figure. Took me a good 5 minutes to figure that out) and it reveals this small sharp drill bit.

*Place your finger underside up on a flat surface
 *I placed my hole toward the outer edge, some place it right in the middle (center)
*Place drill bit on backside of nail and slowly twist
*In just a few twists, you'll have a hole
*The rings have a cut in them

 *slightly bend it apart with tweezers or flat nose pliers
(i used both)

 *place one end through the hole on your nail
*Squeeze ring back together

It's not bugging me like I thought it would.
I really kind of like it. Once I get used to it, I'll add a charm to it.


  1. Woah, a hole in your nail? I have never seen these danglers before O.o It looks cool but so bothersome...doesn't it snag when you're like...idk zipping your jeans or washing your hair?

  2. That a nice wheel of rings! I always carefully painted the ring seam with clear polish to reduce snags and pulling apart. Just don't let it dry touching your nail or jewel.

  3. Hehe - I used to have danglers years ago

  4. It hasn't snagged so far. Where the ring closes together, you can push that little jewel over it so it hides the seam. I've been being really careful with my nails lately anyway because this is sadly the longest they've ever been. I usually chip and dent like crazy. Well you can see both index fingers are short because they haven't survived as long. So It's been easy to handle. I did file down the hole a tiny tiny bit after I drilled it because it was a bit tacky, but a small dab of tc might not hurt it either, just for extra protection. Yea its a hole, but it will grow out and then I can file past it and start over. Change fingers and such too.

  5. Oh wow.. This is super interesting.


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