Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday time!

It's my lil man's birthday today (the 10th) so I decided to celebrate with cupcake nails!
The tiny beads are already bugging me though :-)
Happy Birthday Bradley!!

My lil man <3
They really don't come any cuter than this.
3 going on 13

The final result
 The products I used

More pictures

How awesome is this color! I nabbed it from the beauty supply store, the last one left!
OPI Rainbow Connections from the Muppet Collection
 Well now what would one of my posts be without dorky sideways pictures?
I really don't know what my phones deal is! I see it straight but it doesn't come out straight. GRR!


  1. Beautiful mani! Funny my son birthday was yesterday the 9th. But he is not so little anymore!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man. These cupcakes are cute.

    I love how you used the bullion beads. Getting Ideas of how to use them ... thanks!


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