Friday, November 18, 2011

French Tip Dip Mail Delivery!

Yay! My french tip dip delivery came in today!
Well, last night technically but I forgot to check the mail, shame on me!
A few goodies I left out of the pictures because they're Christmas Presents so shhhh!

The mixing beads were not from French Tip Dip but rather Ebay
Got another dipping tool, LOTS of nail files and info cards

 Floral and fruit slices (aka Flower Frenzy and Sliced Fruit Cocktail )
Totally cute! And they even come in the awesome dipping jars!

More dipping tools. My current one is the generic one from Sally's with a brush on the other end
but I've wanted multiple sizes. One of the last manicures I did, I used different size nail heads for dipping! These will be much easier to hold :-p

And their totally awesome Bubblegum Scented Remover
Its a nice size bottle too. I've been re-using a pump so I can easily add this to the pump for easy clean up :-)

If you haven't had a chance to check FTD out, please do!
I've been more than happy with the products I have recieved and the customer service is above and beyond.

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  1. now we talking that a christmas gift just right for me hint hint :)


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