Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 9 - Rainbow Nails

Day 9 challenge is Rainbow. Skittles come to my mind.
Please ignore the fact that I added blue to the dots (skittles don't have blue in the original package :-p)
For this, I used my French Tip Dip to make white tips, then a dotting tool to make rainbow dots over the white tips. I also did an accent nail that I just played around with.

The polishes I used:

Tips and accent nail before I added dots (skittles)

The finished product in several lights


  1. lovely! :) i love your French Tip Dip big bottle :) by the way i'm your new follower :)

  2. Welcome Neelai! Yes, I love the big bottle too! It seems like an endless supply and Ive had it a year and use it all the time!


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