Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 18 - Half Moons

I thought this was going to be an easy manicure.
I found myself thinking of a way to make it artistic but sheesh, why?
So I decided on Matte colors. Easy right? NOPE!
First off, I couldn't find my paper grommets so I tried yard sale tags which wouldn't conform to my nails.
I ended up at Walmart at 11:30 at night just to hunt down more paper grommets.
I get home and they're so sticky that they peel off my base color even after a 30 minute dry time!
So then I tried a fast dry top coat thinking it could peel the top coat if it wanted but would leave my base alone.
Then there goes my matte. Well hello! I have a matte top coat!
Wow. Just wow. So after what should have been a simple half moon manicure, here is my final result and the progress:

The products I used:
*2 coats Avon Red VelvetMatte
*1 coat Avon Black as Night Matte
*1 coat Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love Top Coat

The base:

With moons:

Another result pic with floral fimo accent:


  1. I love the matte look, so petty.

  2. I am not sure I am a fan of the half moon mani-but I do like the colors you used!!

  3. Yea I dont think Im a huge fan either. Luckily its only on for a day. I might try again later on down the road. I feel like it does make my nails seem longer!

  4. Matte looks so nice. I did my first half-moon mani for my 10 day challenge. :)

  5. I'm loving Red Velvet. Must get it ASAP!

  6. I'll have to go see it Ida! MariJo, I don't think it's available at the moment. I don't see any mattes (again). They seem to take them away then bring them back. Ug! I still need to get the Violet matte :-)

  7. I love the red alone.. Ohhh nice!!!

    Your Finished look is awesome as well.


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