Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 1 - Red Nails

I've decided to join in the fun of the 31-day Nail challenge.
Please excuse the first few pics of cuticles, I hadn't cleaned the edges yet.
Kicking off Day 1 - Red Nails:

*2 coats Petites rockin' red #129
*1 dip of Color Club worth the risque, using French Tip Dip angled
*Kiss nail art paint black for swiggles
*Avon Matte black as night for dots (I ran out of regular black)
I love my French Tip Dip so I wanted to use it in my first challenge. I had no clue what design I would do so I
tried to "bing" red and didn't get any ideas. 
After a little while, this nail design just came to me.
I'm a huge holo freak so I added that as well.
I love the holo against a solid background. Very sexy manicure :-)

First two base coats, no flash

Tips added, no flash

Design added, no top coat, no flash

 Design added, no top coat, with flash
Design added, no top coat, no flash

 Top coat added, with flash
Top coat, no flash


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