Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 8 - Metallic Nails

I was super excited for this one as I have some great Avon Mirror polishes perfect just for this.
I changed my mind on design numerous times.

*1 coat Avon Mirror Shine polish (purple)
*Sponged Avon Mirror Shine glisten
*Spots are Avon Mirror Shine blaze
*Black edging by Kiss nail art paint

 Polish purple base, no flash

 Glisten sponged onto tips, no flash

Blazin' spots added, no flash
Black edging added, no flash



No flash


  1. So you're really rocking this 31 day challenge. Just to mention. I Love this! Tried sponging, and it doesn't look this good. Lol... I'm ashamed to even post it. Lol...

    Great Job with the freehanding too... :-)

  2. I'm having a blast with it! Post your pics! Sponging is supposed to look uneven and sloppy :-) Id love to see them.


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