Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 14 - Flowers

Day 14 - Flowers
Decided on French Tips to go with this again.
Not my most perfect french tip because my white in my jar was tacky
but hey, its snowing here so I was in a hurry!

The final result:

The products I used:
*1 coat Nubar 2010
*Stripes and dots in French Tip Dip Bright White
*Black and silver accents in Kiss Nail Art Paint

Before the art:

Final result:


  1. you still did an awesome job! I have the french dip tip system but i have yet to work it right! i gotta keep messing with it

  2. Yes, keep working with it. It takes a bit of practice. At over a year of using it, I always get those days where it just doesnt want to work for me. And thank you ladies!

  3. Your free-handing skills amazes me. Very pretty... It looks like fall... you know flowers falling of the trees.


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