Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 11- Polka Dots

My hair color is the reason for this post.
Yes, I skipped Gradient Day 10 and went right to Polka Dots Day 11.
Only by accident because I didn't double check the plan!
So today is Polka Dots, TOMORROW is Gradient :-)
Hey, I gotta stand out from the crowd somehow, right?

I had fun doing this mani and it was pretty easy.
I have become a fan of Matte polish and black matte is just to die for! I really wish I had remembered to snap a pic of just the matte black but again, spacey moment.

Here's the polishes I used with Avon's Matte Black as my base and Wet N' Wild's black creme as the smaller polka dots. I like the black matte vs. shiny together. Makes a wonderful duo!

Flash and no flash with dots and accent nail added before black dots

And the final result of totally awesome polka dot nails!

 I'm curious to see how this mani does with no top coat.
I decided to opt out on polka dotting a top coat too. 
I tried it on a pinky and it bled onto the matte so I skipped the rest as matte is supposed to be matte!


  1. I love the double dots Idea. Pretty! I need a Matter polish. I'll start with a clear matte top coat.

    This is pretty.

  2. Really pretty I love them :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  3. Love the modern retro matte look!


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