Friday, February 3, 2012

Zebra or Tiger?

Wow! It feels like it's been forever since I've posted! 
First off, have you entered my  giveaway yet? If not, I can't run the contest!  Check it out here.

Now, I promise I've had my nails painted since my last post. I just wasn't impressed with them so felt it best to skip posting the horrible results :-)

So after riffling through my massive folder of heart manicures to try, I ended up with this one by Love4Nails (I just LOVE her work, her voice and her nails even more!). I was also going to spin it by making the heart purple but decided to stick with pink. While pondering if my pink heart was the best way to go, I ended up placing the heart stripes the same direction as the base stripes! So in basics, I could have just drawn the heart on first then added stripes all in all getting this same result. WHOOPS!

BLURRY left hand but I had to shoot it to show how much better this heart looks, even the stripes. I usually paint my right hand first so that I can have practice for my picture hand. Yet I think I concentrate hard enough that it always comes out looking better than my left done with my dominant hand....peculiar!

I am really loving the stripes and must try them again!
Although it could be a Zebra pattern or even a Bengal Tiger, yea?


  1. Great job! The zebra(I think they look more like zebras) look amazing!

  2. This is so pretty and stylish!

  3. I keep seeing manis with nude nails and painted ends. I think they look so cool!!! Almost like you've stuck on the design at the end. I like these ones, espesh the zebra bit.


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