Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart Tugger - RIP Susan, Braden and Charlie Cox Powell

So I'm sure many of you have heard the new story the past few weeks (if not the past few years) of Susan Cox Powell. She went missing from her Utah home in December of 2009. Her husband was suspected in her disappearance but was never charged. ONE MONTH after she disappeared, he moved with their 2 young children to WA. The whole story has been fishy. 3 years later, Susan's body has still not been found but she is believed to be dead. 

Sadly, one week ago Sunday, this horrible father did the unspeakable. He had lost custody of his children to Susan's parents. He was also required to undergo a Phyco-sexual evaluation yet was granted visitations rights with the children. An older case worker was dropping the kids off to see their father Sunday when Josh, the father grabbed them and slammed the door in the case workers face. She immediately called 9-1-1 where the dispatcher didn't realize how bad the situation was. Caseworker tells him she hears crying and can smell gas. Minutes later, the house explodes with Josh and the two innocent young children inside.

News later tells us that Josh attacked the children with a hatchet before the house exploded. Josh and the two boys died in that fire. Along with the boys deaths, Josh also took the truth behind Susan's death with him to hell. 

This is such a tragic story that I can't begin to even imagine what the grandparents are going through. First, to have their daughter missing for 3 years, assuming her dead then to have her children murdered just last week. The explosion happened just a mile from my home and I went to high school with Susan. This story has toughed my heart so heart that I still cry over it. 

We attended a community bake sale for Susan's parents a few nights ago. They wanted to help raise money for the funeral to support Susan's parents during this horrible time. The local fire department that responded to the explosion held it at their facility. In only 3 hours this fundraiser raised over $15 thousand dollars and even sold out an hour early! What a blessing for this family during such a tragedy.

So I ask that you hug and kiss your children right now. And remember that no mater what, its not that bad. Always cherish every moment you have because you never know when it might be your last.

So in respects to Susan (may her body be found so the parents can finally have total closure) and her two boys 5 & 7 yrs, Charlie and Braden (may their sweet souls rest in peace in heaven with God and in their Mothers arms where they belong) I have done a nail manicure.

Ribbons in purple, Susan's favorite color. (Purple ribbons also line street lamps and trees and fences all over this community right now)
Then an accent nail of roses for her.
*May you and your sweet boys rest in peace *


  1. wow this is so sad :( my heart goes out to you, and to her family. beautiful nails. a good way to remember her every time you look at your hands

  2. This was so sad to hear! Your nails are beautiful! I'mm sure she would love them!


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