Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revlon Royal

After being awed by another swatch from Let Them Have Polish, I had to have it.
It looked like the most amazing gradient manicure I had seen then after close looking, I realized it wasn't a gradient but the way the polish lays on the nail! Her tips showed a different shade than the nail bed and it just looked awesome. So I popped Royal on my WL with the intentions of buying it next time at Rite Aid.

Well, I picked this beauty up last night (the last one too!)
Seems everyone saw one post and went crazy over it :-)

I'm a tad bummed that mine didn't come out as awesome as hers but the photos show a little shade difference that I can't really see in person (which that is usually opposite).

Application was ok. First coats always suck for me (I think because of my basecoat). But a second application and it covered nicely. The gel-like formula has a gorgeous color to it. Yet it dries with a matte-like finish. Now I'm a huge fan of matte but this finish just looked a tad silly. One coat of SV fixes that right up.


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