Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips - Pinkle Sparkle (not quite glitter)

Because I already had a Pinkle Glitter manicure, I didn't know what to name this one so I went with Pinkle Sparkle. More sparkly than glittery. Inspired by Chloe (still one of my favorite manicurists).
I didn't have a shade quite as awesome as hers (odd being that I could walk up to the store and grab that SH now) but I figured with how many polishes I already have, just use one close (as I LOVED her color combo).

So I went with Color Club OH MY GOSH ITS NAMELESS!
(yup, so nameless. If you  know the name, please let me know!)
Then added OPI Sparkl-icious (see, the title even says sparkle)
Then went with a tip of the same nameless Color Club with my French Tip Dip.


  1. Wow, I love these photos! Totally cool to take them with a mirror. I might try it, but will ofc link back to you to share where I got the idea if it's oke

  2. YAY this is so pretty and fun!! :D

  3. Thanks! And Kia, not a problem. It actually wasn't my idea. I saw it on Pinterest :-p so I can't take the credit for the totally awesome idea.


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