Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flamed Hearts

These started out super cute with the gorgeous deep blue background, then a lighter blue acrylic paint. Then I added a darker shade as well as another lighter blue and those kind of messed the look up. The still look semi nice but not what I imagined.

My accent nail also has the deep blue base color. Then I added some aqua blue ice chips. This is my first try with these and I must say that I am not terribly impressed. Maybe I didn't do it correctly but they are stiff and didn't conform to my nail so I had a lot of jagged edges that I kept picking at throughout the day. I also added a fimo heart to each.


  1. I *really* like the manicure, especially the blue hearts.
    I'm not crazy about stuff on the nails that has edges - I keep picking them too. :D

  2. WOW this is AMAZING! seriously, i thought these were nail strips or stickers or something. some of the best nail art i have seen

  3. This is totally awesome! I love how you detailed the hearts!

  4. The heart fimo actually looks like it's glowing! This mani's pretty kick ass! :]


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