Thursday, February 23, 2012

Polka Dots - Pale Blue

Another night of spending a good 20 minutes surfing through my nail photos to decide what I should do on my nails. I landed with polka dots (i seem to have the most ideas with these and french tips).

I used ORLYSnowcone as the base color, then large dotted with French Tip Dip white, then small dotted with Wet N Wild Black
My accent nail is the W&W black base, then I French Tip Dipped Snowcone on, then small dotted in the same W&W black. From there I added Kiss nail art paint in silver as a stripe across the bottom edge of the blue tip. Then added a cute fimo flower (I've had my eye on this flower since I got it and hadn't come across a manicure I could add it to. Until now!


  1. love the blue,black and silver combination. very pretty

  2. Awesome dots! They're like little bullseyes! I love the little rainbow flower! Super cute!


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