Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fabric - Torn Demin Jeans

Inspired by this tutorial, I added a second day to the fabrics theme. 
Turned out pretty darn cute even with many interruptions during the painting :-)
I also added a zipper stamp in copper on my thumbs but its so hard to see so I won't even highlight that for you.

^Oops for the blurry pic^

The polishes I used:
*W&W white
*Avon Blue Flare
*OPI Russian Navy
*Love & Beauty no name light blue
*Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl


  1. What a cool idea! Looks awesome! Genius!

  2. ooh this looks really cool! very unique. if you still need ideas for your fabrics/pattern week, what about a paisley bandana?

  3. This is great!! :D Super cool! ^-^

  4. I'll have to give it a try LM! Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. This is so pretty! I love the look of the back ground!

  6. I nominate you for the Kreativ Blog Award! All the info is on my blog!


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