Monday, January 16, 2012


Hehehe get it? Ok giggling done.
Onto my delayed posts. These nails, I did 2 nights ago. Last night I tried a flame style which turned out just awful, so I refuse to post pictures of that manicure. So here is 2 nights ago crackle manicure.
It had been a long time since Id done a crackle or a vampire red so I mixed them!

OPI Silver Shatter

And the base color, OPI Midnight In Moscow before the crackle

 Almost makes me wanna add CH Fairy Dust and pretend its Edward, it hot in here??


  1. haha i did a post with a similar name too! great minds :-P i love this combo!

  2. LOL!! I really like Midnight in Moscow! That is so pretty!

  3. Pretty nice! I've given you an award if you wanna pick it up!

  4. I love the the Base color! It is awesome with that crackle! I love crackle!


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