Friday, January 13, 2012

Creative Blog Nails!

Yep, a blog award I recieved inspired me :-)
Thanks to Art Evolve and Nail Reflections

for the award too. All you fans are just the greatest!

No more delay, onto the pics.
And I refuse to pick apart any imperfections like usual so I'll just get on with it...


  1. I just love inspired nail art. This is absolutely beautiful and I think u did it pure justice! You even had the moon in the picture in there. Totally cute!

  2. I was just given that award!!! I adore owls <3 This is so cute, great job!!!

  3. omg, great idea and fantastic manicure, love it :-D

  4. OH YAY this is so cute!!!! :D I love this! XD

  5. This is so cute! See why i gave it to you!! I just love it!

  6. Holy adorable! Love how you did the branch on your thumb so the owl can sit on it! : D


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