Monday, January 2, 2012

Animals - Monkey

Shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
(stuck in your head now, right?)
Kinda reminds me of the crazy monkey's on Jumanji, yea?
Lol. They didn't turn out cute and cuddly. And my fimo's were being total bitches and not doing what I wanted.
So after throwing every 4-letter word at my nail art last night, I was so frustrated that I skipped out on taking pictures and uploading them last night. So I'll present them today!

I also skipped on explaining all the polishes I used :-s

Gosh why is it that you don't notice issues until you see the pics? So please excuse the scratch on my middle finger. The joys of a playful kitten :-)

And to further get the song stuck in your head...


  1. These are awesome. I love fimo bananas. I kinda want to eat them. :D

  2. The monkey is so cute! I just love him! Why don't we notice before pictures! Because the pictures are magnified bigger then what we normally would see them! ha ha you meant on the skin! Bad kitty! =)

  3. Love it. The monkey's are so cute ^_^

  4. Haha, this is so cool! I really like it, good job!

  5. omg, this is so cool... so cool that i have to try it myself... one day ;-D

  6. I'd love to see it! Please link it here when you do do it :-)

  7. I love that song Gwen rocks! Love this mani!


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