Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tips - St. Pattys Day

So delayed on posting but after 28 years, I finally caught the flu.
Holy cow that was awful! Luckily it lasted on a day but I felt like I was 90 years old, got ran over by a truck then worked out at the gym for 24 hours straight. Sore sore sore! 

Anywho, I decided on green tips (duh, what better way to celebrate the holiday?)

Sinful Colors (I put the bottle away so I forgot the name) applied with French Tip Dip
China Glaze (again, forgot the name) applied to tips with sponge.
Stamped rainbow and used acrylic to paint in the colors. 
Sinful Colors glittery gold (again, forgot - HEY! I WAS SICK! GIMME A BREAK!)


  1. gorgeous! i used essie gold as its gets over green and its looks pretty similar to this. i LOVE your thumb!!

  2. How cute! I love St. Pattys day, and really need to start making some green manis myself. The little rainbow and cauldron is adorable


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