Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tips - Black & Whote Polka Dot / TipFrench Tip Dip Wars!

The best tool ever is having a dipping war!

Here is what I went for...

All Wet N' Wild colors (black and white)
Oh, and if you're near a Rite Aid, check them out...might be on clearance. I got mine for $0.69 each!
I use these two colors so often and they are the best IMO so I stocked up and bought all they had :-)

And just for giggles, just the white tips (not, the white stripe on the black tips isn't with the tool - that was clearly freehand by a wobbly hand) ICKY stained nails! EWWWW!

Oh right, I also stamped the flutterby and pinned a rhinestone.
I feel like Im repeating everything! 
You all have seen all these techniques so do I really need  to explain it all?
Naw! Just ask if I don't say something you want to know :-p


  1. Pretty! French tip is always a classic. :-)

  2. so pretty! i like the butterfly, looks great!!


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