Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taped - My first taped mani! Zig Zags

Thanks to the lovely Chloe's Nails, Ive had this idea waiting for a while. 
Ive been reluctant to try tape but got ballzy the other night.
Turned out totally awesome! I love the colors I chose.
But after close inspection, I realized that I messed the zags up!
I followed her tutorial but apparently I got way ahead of myself, thinking, "Oh easy! I got this!"

Yea well, needless to say, I ended up with the shimmer color all in the middle sections with the purple and black alternating the tips and beds. But ya know what, I bet you wouldnt have noticed if I hadnt pointed it out, right?
Im always my own worst critic!
But I did say I still loved how it turned out so Im not totally bad :-p

My base purple is ORLY Purple Velvet, shimmer is Borghese Stellar Notte (thanks Jess for the heads up to try it again!) and black is my favorite Wet N Wild Black (such thick coverage for only $.99, can't beat that!)


  1. Cool! I like tape manis, but can't seem to get them right. I guess I'm more of a free hand kinda girl

  2. this looks awesome! i love the colors. it looks like you did it that way on purpose hehe

  3. This is an awesome first tape mani! My first time was messy and not nearly as complex as this one! I love the colors, that purple is especially nice with the black & dark shimmer!

  4. Nice! I'm loving tape at the moment!

  5. These turned out great! :] & I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out :P


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