Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

So I came across a gorgeous layering here. I have yet to find Sally's Navy Venom so I settled for Sally's Blazing Blue as the base coat. But I do have OPI DS Diamonds so here was my version.
And i will add that Sally's Insta-Dry is pretty amazing. I haven't gotten used to the wide brush but one coat and this polish covers your nail!
The Blazing Blue has the very slightest shimmer and DS Diamonds is a holographic.
Jess knows Im soooo into holos right now so I was excited to finally find this polish.
This mani is 2 coats of SH ID Blazing Blue, 1 coat OPI DS Diamonds

My funky bathroom "natural" light, no flash

Same as above, just more clear :-p

Bathroom natural light w/ flash

w/ flash

w/ flash

Kitchen light w/ flash

All in all I give this mani only a 3. My fast dry top coat smeared the DS Diamonds slightly, which irritated me. Im tempted to re-do it but thats a lot of work! So Ill just be irritated until my next mani :-p

I will try and add an outdoor pic to this. I think it will make a big difference.

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  1. So pretty Stac! I'm glad you finally did this one :)


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