Friday, November 5, 2010

Back To Bermuda!

Well I was in a total holographic mood tonight because I have an event tomorrow.
I decided on China Glaze holo Keleidascope Him Out as my base with CG Bermuda Breakaway as my tips.
Base is 3 coats, tips are 1 coat (not stamped).
I tried stamping the tips but it was coming out way lighter than I wanted.
So I went freehand, which is crooked and whatnot but oh well! It was fun anyway!

Bathroom natural light w/flash


Ditto again

Kitchen light w/flash


After I tried the CG BB with a konad tip, which came out too light, I tried SC Black tips. Again, too light.
But Instead of removing all my base, I removed just the tip colors which left splotches. So Please ignore those imperfections.

I LOVE this holo, just as I did the green. And Im a huge blue fan so it came out gorgeous. Now if I could just get a steady hand so I dont have ziggy lines!

Rating 4 of 5!

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