Monday, October 11, 2010

You Saw Me Standing Alone

Last nights Grape Juice wasn't my favorite after a fresh chip this morning. Maybe it's my top coat that is failing me. So here is another go with a new polish. Rite Aid was having a nice sale on all their polishes. There are no nice close places that carry the good polish around here so I resort to these chain stores. It's satisfying me for now ;-)

Tonights choice, Jesse's Girl in Blue Moon. The first layer went on as almost purple and very thin. The second layer started pulling the 1st layer off, leaving a very uneven look. I didnt scrape the brush with the 3rd layer to get a big dab of polish this time and it kind of worked. As my first impression of this polish, I'm unimpressed. The color looks nice in the jar but on, its just another purple/blue polish with horrible application.

It was nothing special until I added my favorite top coat!

I just cant get enough of it! Its a lifesaver than can turn any horrid polish into bliss!

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