Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Feel Blue

Still on my kick of my new Avon colors and I am so impressed! Wicked (the red from my last post) went on gorgeous with just one coat. Well when I tried Avon's Blue Flame, I had the same impressive results. One coat gave amazing coverage. It has a shimmer to it so its wonderful on its own. But you know me, I had to jazz it up more with my favorite holo tc. But I didn't snag a picture of that.
2 coats, indoor with flash

Indoor, no flash.

My camera just has major issues with up close pictures and if I turn the flash off, it always blurs. Sorry guys!


  1. I love this blue! It looks great on you! (that rhymed!)

  2. Thanks! I actually had someone comment on them and ask if they were acrylics done in a salon! I was pretty impressed! I can usually never get my nails this long naturally!


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