Thursday, October 27, 2011

Angry Birds!

Was feeling a little angry hehehe.
Another 2 hour polish job that isn't too bad for me being awful at art :-)
I had bought a nail art brush set including a dotting tool last night so I had fun testing them all out.
Not too shabby for being freehand, I must say.

*CG breakin' for all beaks
*French Tip Dip bright white for all eyes
*Wet N' Wild black for brows and stripes

From pinky to thumb:
*CG carribean blue base
*FTD bright white under NYC taxi yellow for base
*Sinful Colors black on black base
*Avon grey cement matte for belly and eye base
*CG breaking and Sally X grey area mixed for brows
*Petites rockin red for base
*Pure Ice free spirit for base
*Sally Hansen green with envy for nose


  1. I just bought the plate on ebay. Waiting on it. Lazy to do art heheh


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