Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fastest French Tips Ever!

I have been blessed to review this wonderful product that I actually came across on YouTube!
I have 2 kids and NO time to go to the salon for those french tips nor every 2 weeks to get them refilled.
Plus, they ruin nails!
So this idea made total sense to me!
A simple tool gets you french tips in 5 minutes!
Its called French Tip Dip .

You can also buy more jars for other colors, which I highly recommend.
And if you become a fan of their facebook page, you get specials codes for discounts!

This product was very fun to play with and the results are amazing!
I highly suggest this to any girl!
Here are a few combos that I have tried!


  1. Goodness Stacy! You've been dipping away while I've been gone! These all look great!

  2. Yes Jess, sure have! I use it at least once a week. Its actually really addicting. Ive found that plain old polish is just no fun. I need different colored tips to make it better! I LOVE this kit!!


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